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AmericaxMale!Reader - Summer Memories :iconreddeathhots:RedDeathHots 26 7
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What's Coming to You - GerFran Lemon??? :iconreddeathhots:RedDeathHots 4 7
Black Sheep - Contest Entry #1
"Black Sheep"
I’m a Black Sheep in a world of white
Since the day of my birth I was raised to fight
From the back of the herd
To the top of the world
Just a little Black Sheep in a world of white
I’ve done some bad things
I’ll admit they were wrong
All I wanted was love
To grow up and be strong
My friends have all left me
I feel so alone
A little Black Sheep with a heart made of stone
I’m a Black Sheep in a world of white
Since the day of my birth I was raised to fight
From the back of the herd
To the top of the world
Just a little Black Sheep in a world of white
I’m not good with words
I often get mad
But deep down inside
I’m really not bad
I’m just a black sheep
No one else understands
I wish they could see, there is love in these hands
I’m a Black Sheep in a world of white
Since the day of my birth I was raised to fight
From the back of the herd
To the top of the world
Just a little Black Sheep in a world of white
One day, this world w
:iconreddeathhots:RedDeathHots 5 6
Daniel Kirkland - Nyo!IoM by RedDeathHots Daniel Kirkland - Nyo!IoM :iconreddeathhots:RedDeathHots 2 4 Switzerland by RedDeathHots Switzerland :iconreddeathhots:RedDeathHots 3 0 Liechtenstein by RedDeathHots Liechtenstein :iconreddeathhots:RedDeathHots 3 0 Daisy Jones - Rhode Island by RedDeathHots Daisy Jones - Rhode Island :iconreddeathhots:RedDeathHots 4 3 Japan by RedDeathHots Japan :iconreddeathhots:RedDeathHots 2 0 Germany by RedDeathHots Germany :iconreddeathhots:RedDeathHots 1 0


Night fury Template v2 by Tellurist Night fury Template v2 :icontellurist:Tellurist 240 52
Contest of Time
Greetings, everyone! My group, APH-Best-Readers, is hosting its second contest!
The theme: Time
For this theme, you may pick a variety of alternate universes, plots, concepts, and angles. Some examples of incorporation include: time travel, passing of the years (aging), countdown, waiting, the toll of time, and even actual clocks, themselves. Be creative!
:bulletred: Rules:
- You must be a member of APH-Best-Readers in order to submit into the "Time Contest" folder. Only entries submitted to the contest folder will be accepted.
-New stories only, please.
- Your entry must be a reader-insert using at least one Hetalia character. Only entries using Hetalia characters will be accepted.
-Please keep your entires 1-5 parts long. The quality of your writing should remain consistent throughout.
- Your entry must follow the group rules. If you don't know how to find them, here they are: [link].
- Please put a link back to this journal
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 14 86
Hearts Day! by Cioccolatodorima Hearts Day! :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,894 123 Free Magic Trio Icon by GydroZMaa Free Magic Trio Icon :icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 2,348 804
England x Reader ~Brown Sugar~
~Brown Sugar~
As if the burning cinders in the snug, distant hearth are speaking with their neighbor ashes, the flames kick and cough up crinkled slivers. The air—heavy with the slick salty hint of butter, almonds, and caramelizing sugar—brings back fond memories of days long past and gone…but not forgotten.
Off in the distance, you can hear the families singing in the living area, a collection of muscles pulling at the edge of your lips in an upward crescent. Little instances like these remind you that you are alive and living here in the present. Miniscule moments that would otherwise pass can be caught by the eye before it can blink the seconds away.
In the sanctuary of sounds that is the kitchen, the sweet crystals burn into fumes, blackening along the seams and glittering in hopeful crystals. The once twinkling grains of fine, sweet maple-colored sand have melted into a slur of unrecognizable intangibility. Offering no shape in their forging form, you patiently
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 109 27
Magic Trio x Reader ~Camigani's Corner~ 7
7: Dependent
Neither Arthur nor Lukas said anything when you and Vladimir met back up with them. All the while as you told them about your first real shopping trip in the Yonder, they appeared to avoid eye contact with you and kept conversation to a minimum. Apparently something had happened to them in the time you had been gone.
“Um…Fruit Bat,” you whispered into your ruby-eyed companion’s ear, “what’s wrong with them? They’re acting like a pair of glued boards.”
“Oh, I think you know,” he returned with a toothy grin. You blushed, tucking your head into your shoulders as much as possible. Had Lukas been paying attention, he wouldn’t have hesitated to label you “Turtle-Neck.” It was an adequate name for you after being called “Ray-Face” since meeting you. But as your odd fortune would have it, he wasn’t looking at you. Instead, he appeared to be telepathically communicating with his other b
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 67 53
Magic Trio x Reader ~Camigani's Corner~ 6
6: Dissociative
If there was anything that you had to say was your highlight in your short-lived life, you would have said that watching the trio of part-time magic shop employees making a masking spell was one of them.
Vladimir hadn’t been kidding about the spell involving a dead rat.
“Why a dead rat?” you asked him when you saw him retrieve one from an unnamed alley. (Apparently he had retrieved it on a street. How he had found it in the first place still remained a mystery.)
“The dead rat symbolizes deceit and distraction,” Lukas, with his placid fish-like expression, told you. He was softly murmuring some words every now and then through a book that you couldn’t decipher.
Arthur, who had just finished getting the meter-tall cauldron to a boil, turned his attention towards you. “We’re going to test out a pact on you, ______________. If my theory holds up, then you should be able be free of any smells or magic for the entire time you
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 63 50
Magic Trio x Reader ~Camigani's Corner~ 5
5: Histrionic
It was like that story, The Princess and the Pea. The queen, testing out each maiden who sought out a place to sleep and a chance at the prince’s hand in marriage, had ordered that the young ladies sleep atop a skyscraper of mattresses. Each one except the last lady had slept comfortably. The only one who didn’t was a princess. Perhaps you were a princess.
“Morning _______________,” Vladimir grinned as you walked into the kitchen area. There was a smell of boiled eggs or sulfur. You couldn’t quite tell which it was. Maybe even sulfur-preserved eggs? “Did you sleep well?”
To that, you put on a disgruntled face and rubbed your lower back. “No, I didn’t. In fact, I slept horribly. Why do you have so many mattresses?”
“Because he’s afraid of the Wogeyman,” Lukas answered, setting down his…well, it certainly wasn’t a fork.
Confused, you tilted your head. “Don’t you mea
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 64 38
Magic Trio x Reader ~Camigani's Corner~ 4
4: Disorganized
You had a feeling Lukas wasn’t going to be happy when he came home to this. Vladimir was there, too, although he looked like he was more amused than distraught. You wondered if his reaction would have been different if it his home that had been the one that was flooded.
“I’m so sorry, Lukas,” you apologized. “When I turned on the water, I didn’t see a drain so I thought, ‘Oh! I’ll just stop it.’ But it didn’t stop! And I broke the knob off, and I didn’t know what to do, and the water kept coming…”
Lukas was silent for a few seconds before you heard a sigh through his thin nose.
“Just a few minutes ago, I told Vlad, here, that only an idiot wouldn’t be able to operate the bath,” he said. “Congratulations. You’re an idiot.”
“Oh…” you groaned.
Vladimir, on the other hand, remained thoroughly amused.
“Looks like his condo flooded,
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 59 39
Magic Trio x Reader ~Camigani's Corner~ 3
3: Paranoid
Lukas’ hand was cold and clammy, just what you expected from a stingray like him. You had heard that stingrays had the ability to poison victims and predators with a barbed tip on the ends of their tails. Lukas didn’t have a tail, but he certainly had a heavy helping of poison.
“I have to go first,” he said to you from the front. “It’s the only way I can properly take you to the Yonder without pulling you into the Hither.”
“I got it the first time,” you told him and allowed him to lead you to the shop’s front door. From the back, Arthur and Vladimir were patiently waiting for you to go into their world, and just like you, they were just as apprehensive and excited. You could smell it.
The first steps into the Yonder felt barely any different than returning to your world. However, as soon as Lukas released your hand, you could tell the world was magical.
As you took your first breaths, it was like breathing for the
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 61 35
Magic Trio x Reader ~Camigani's Corner~ 2
2: Residual
“I owe how much?!” you cried.
“Thirty thousand heta,” the fish-face cashier repeated. “Can you afford it or not?”
You feverishly shook your head. How had those little bottles cost so much heta? You didn’t have that much on you, and you couldn’t think of any reason to ask your parents for that amount. What were you going to do?
“You know…” the cashier mumbled. “There is another way to pay it off without forking over cash.”
“I’ll do anything!” you burst out. “Except forced prostitution, drugs, and/or scandalous illegal activities!”
The cashier wrinkled his forehead. “I don’t think what I’m about to ask you has anything to do with those things, but it’s not the most preferable option.”
“What is it?” you asked.
“You need to work as our delivery girl. I’ll explain the details if you choose to accept.
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 76 63
Magic Trio x Reader ~Camigani's Corner~ 1
1: Undifferentiated
You didn’t know what to expect when you walked into the shop resting snuggly at the corner of the lonely block. Something about the place drew you inside like strings wrapping around your ankles, and before you knew it, you had already stepped inside the mystifying little shop.
The interior of the place couldn’t be called uninviting in the least. Bottles of broken stained glass and assorted herbs hung throughout the ceilings; when they hit the light at just the right angle, a rainbow of lights danced on your skin like a colorful spotlight giving you an opening to a stage. In turn, the opening announcement was equally as whimsical.
“Looks like someone managed to find the shop,” a voice called as if from nowhere.
Startled, you made a small squeak at the voice. The voice had no clear speaker or source. Where was—?
“It’s a girl, too.”
Oh. So it was the cashier speaking.
From behind a messy counter stuffed in the edge of th
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 110 55
Prussia x Romano ~An Outing of Sorts~
Gilbert Beilschmidt cursed. It wasn’t his fault the Vargas brothers looked alike. How had this happened, again? He batted the question away. He was better than this. He would suck up whatever embarrassment everyone thought he put on himself and rise above the snickering. Yeah. He would show them. He was more awesome than them.
Besides, if things went well, he could use this chance to—
“I thought you were going to take me out to someplace nice, albino rat!”
Ah, Feliciano’s older brother. He was always something of a hothead. It wasn’t that he was a threat—quite the opposite. He couldn’t hold his own in a fight. The only real arsenal he had up his sleeves was his pot-mouth of a tongue and lexicon of swear words up the alley. To this day, Gilbert was still unsure of how Antonio put up with him all these years.
“Ja, I did tell you I’m taking you somewhere nice,” he smirked. “It’ll be so awesome that you
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 25 8
Mature content
Punk!EnglandxReader (LEMON) :iconmarshmallow-maraca:Marshmallow-Maraca 502 284



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